Lara,  has been a great support and coach as I work to make a better me.  With her direction I have lost weight and feel great.  I look forward to continue working with Lara and having a happier healthier body. David L. West Menlo Park

Lara is AMAZING!! Upon our first meeting I felt very at ease talking with Lara about my overall health, eating tendencies and emotional state. Her assessment to addressed all my imbalances (most of which I didn't know I had!) and thoroughly explained to me a plan to get me back into balance. The individualized nutrition plan and supplements really worked for me. 

But wait -- it gets BETTER!! Things really changed when I signed up for the Reboot Diet. It's a pre-packaged 4 week shake/supplement cleanse where you include approved snacks (low glycemic fruit, nuts, vegs). The entire four weeks she was a support system and I loved reading her motivational emails with tips on how to stay sane during the cleanse. As an athletic woman in my late 20's I've been happy with my body and wasn't expecting to drop lbs. After 4 weeks I dropped 7 lbs, 3 in. off my bust, 2 in. off my waist & 1 in. neck. I feel, and might I add look ;), fabulous after this detox diet. Encouraging all my family and friends to get into see Lara!! - S.W. Palo Alto

I was convinced that, at 49, I was just going to be tired, achy and forgetful to an ever-increasing degree for the rest of my life.  I remember thinking, “I am not sure I want to grow old if the present is any indication of how I am going to feel.”  I have always been regarded by others as someone who eats a healthy diet:  Low fat, lean meats, gluten free grains, legumes, vegetables and tons of fruit.  Yet, I had put on about 15 lbs. that would not budge, no matter how much I exercised or how little I consumed.  I was shocked when Lara told me my diet was completely upside down.   She explained to me the importance of a healthy gut and keeping blood sugars low by eating good  fats (not the ones the government has been pushing), organic vegetables and pasture raised meats and told me to ditch the fruit, non-fat yogurt, and whole grains so my body could learn to metabolize fat for energy instead of glucose.  Lo and behold, only 3 months later, I can wear ALL of my clothes, I sleep like a rock, and, most importantly, I can remember names, book recommendations, and the title of that movie I saw last week.   My mood is much improved and I feel hopeful and excited about my future.  At work, I can focus, think creatively and have the energy to make it through meetings without feeling like all I want to do is leave the room and take a nap (as I have for the past decade, or so).  Lara continues to send me texts and emails to check in on my status.  She tweaks my supplements and gives me ideas on what to eat and where to find the best quality food.  The extra benefit has been to my family, who are now all eating no grains, healthy fats and loving the unusual, old style foods that are now part of our daily fare.  I raise a glass of bone broth to Lara and thank her for showing me the path to excellent health.  - Carrie, Palo Alto

 Lara is a life saver. 

As a little background, I have an background in chemistry and a personal interest in nutrition. I had already been following a paleo diet for a few years but after a couple months of extreme stress my body crashed. I was having severe abdominal pain and none of the tricks I knew were fixing them. I was avoiding eating and drinking even water all day at work just to keep the pain down so that I could make it through a work day. My ND and MD were confused on what the exact cause was and while we were trying to figure out what triggered it, Lara came along with trying to get me out of pain and heal from the damage. Her initial tests showed I was having major problems with almost every bodily system. She put me on a restricted but very healing diet and within a couple of day I was able to work a full day without pain! Through the process of healing and adding foods back in, she has helped me get back to a point of life without pain. I also feel like I have a tool to go back to in times of stress or after a weekend of too much fun.  I feel even more in-tune with body and its needs now.

Beyond the treatment she gave, she was also very personable. She never talked down to me or blamed me for what was going on. She was always available via email to answer questions and keep me on track. I'd 100% recommend her to any friend or family needing help with a problem or even just looking to see how nutrition can change things for them.  -Alyssa R., San Jose


 As a woman in her late 70s I was content to accept aches, pains, constipation and extra pounds as inevitable. Lara made me see aging differently. Through her insight and wisdom I'm thinner, more regular and interestingly less anxious. She really cares and follows through. - Nancy, Long Beach

I have struggled with weight all my life.  I have tried all of the fad diets and although some worked it was only a matter of time before the  weight would return and in some cases, I would gain even more.  What Lara did was teach me how to eat.  For the first time I felt I was in touch with my digestion.  She just made a few changes in my diet and I started connecting the foods that I ate with how they made me feel.  She taught me how to listen to what my body was trying to tell me.  After only 30 days, I feel years younger, I have more energy, my sugar cravings, mid-afternoon, were gone, my indigestion and bloating went away and I was sleeping better.  I even lost a few pounds. More importantly, I feel I've been empowered over my own health.  I'm no longer afraid to go to the doctor and find out bad news.  I learned that everything I eat is a choice to either nourish my body or cause harm to my body.  Her therapy has definitley caused me to make some lifestyle changes.  Marie, San Carlos

 The nutritional program that Lara Stephenson of Palo Alto Nutrition developed for me completely changed my life.  I suffered from GIRD, (gastric intestinal reflux disease), severe afternoon fatigue, and mental focus challenges.  After developing a plan with Lara, I saw immediate results and will continue on her plan of nutritional actions. I highly recommend trying her out. - Dean, SF

I recommend the Palo Alto Reboot Diet.  I lost 5 lbs. in 2 weeks with no effort and Lara was so supportive along the way with tips and info.  The supplements are filling and healthy and you absolutely will lose cravings for sugar. - Julia F., Palo Alto

The Palo Alto Reboot Diet helped me lose weight and stopped my addiction to sugar.  I also have a plan going forward on what to eat and a grocery list that I have in my car at all times.  Plus, it was so easy! - Karen, Palo Alto



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